Why global Technology Assessment (globalTA)?

The growing global interest in technology assessment (TA) is a natural progression of a rising recognition that societies worldwide need to develop adequate tools to anticipate and manage increasingly profound impacts of science and technology on economic, social and environmental conditions. TA offers primary tools for such anticipatory governance.

Therefore, the global Technology Assessment (globalTA) Network aims to:

  • Develop a global framework and code of conduct for the assessment of impacts of (new) technologies.
  • Facilitate global cooperation for the assessment of emerging technologies in order to maximize their benefits and minimize the risks.
  • Support adequate anticipatory governance of new technologies that may have significant impacts on the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This is our mission statement.

The members of the globalTA Network have become increasingly aware of potential benefits that could be derived from a common reference framework, such as a set of guiding values, principles and elements, that would guide various technology assessment processes and facilitate international information sharing and cooperation. The globalTA network’s goal is to transcend the existing, mainly national, tools and approaches towards opportunities for collaborations and networked solutions, instead of operating disjointed within various Technology Assessment systems.

The globalTA Network works as an instrument for exchange of know-how and codification of principles of good practice, but also as an incubator of future global cooperation through an array of networked organizations that can exchange information and collaborate on issues of joint interest. The network aims to redesign TA towards an interlinked and flexible transnational system.

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First non-virtual meeting of globalTA: Group picture from 4 November 2019 (Bratislava, Slovak Academy of Sciences)


Who we are

The network “globalTA” is an association of non-profit organizations working in the broadly-based topic of technology assessment, which consists of the (partly overlapping) areas of Technology Assessment (TA), Practical Ethics, Systems Analysis, Risk Research, Sustainable Development, Responsible Innovation, and the scientific disciplines involved in natural, technical, economic and social sciences, political science, law and philosophy.

We understand ourselves as global in two respects:
1. We are globally networked and seek scientific exchange with colleagues from around the world.
2. We formulate problem-oriented global research questions and work on them together and interdisciplinary.

The network is coordinated by Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) at Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) (offices in Karlsruhe and Berlin): Contact.